Research suggests that mentors are 6x more likely to be promoted, and mentees are 5x more likely to be so. The Mentoring Cloud considers your experiences and preferences, such as total years of experience and current function, and uses algorithms to create an ideal mentoring match.

As a Mentee

As a mentee they will have the opportunity to confidentially discuss specific career challenges and barriers, and learn how to develop and fulfil potential. The programme allows individuals to reflect on what is important to them and foster personal and professional development, as well as exchange knowledge and experiences, extend networks, and gain exposure to other areas of the business.

As a Mentor

Becoming a mentor creates the arena to further develop personal skills as well as support others, and gain new perspectives, knowledge and experiences. Mentors can expect to gain exceptional insight from mentees, around ambitions, talents and the perceptions of others and the business.

As a Company

Mentoring Cloud helps organisations move towards achieving their wider goals at a reasonable cost through supporting their people to stretch and learn. From developing high potentials, returners or those in career transition to boosting cultural understanding, enhancing leadership skills and increasing market awareness, organisation can expect to see a rise in employee engagement and subsequent performance.

Cross-business mentoring extends the pool of mentors and mentees available, enabling greater knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the opportunity to work with difference. The Mentoring Cloud Platform provides further opportunity to confidentially support and be supported on a range of topics, to be challenged and challenge others on their thinking and approach, and to pay forward personal learnings over the years whilst learning from others.